Livre n° 2 - Sexual Magic

Sexual Magic #2: Unicorn's Secret Passion

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Daniel Morgan didn't want or need a cottage in Wales. But the country is starting to weave its web around him, starting with flame-haired Betty Gwynedd. The fires of romance kindle, but White Mare Cottage has secrets. A trip to the forest reveals a mystery that some would kill to own--one Daniel would give his life to protect!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Come to me.” The voice was a bare whisper, but it struck a chord in Daniel’s soul.

He turned. On the other side of the pool, a girl lay naked on a bed of moss. No. Not a girl. A woman. And such a woman Daniel had not seen in all his life. There could not be two of her. Not in Wales. Not in Europe. Not in all the world. Her skin seemed to capture the light of the moon. Capture it, and then emit it as a soft, lambent glow like silver through marble, a pearlescent sheen that at once revealed and hid the glorious, shadowed curves of her body. Her hair was a flowing river of platinum blonde. Her eyes, an emerald green like the first grass of spring.

“Come to me,” she repeated, pink lips shaping the words. Her body stirred, arms and legs shifting in invitation. Daniel’s mouth went dry. It was hard to focus on the woman’s face rather than her firm, milk-white breasts. Or the incredible curve of her rump, made for a man’s hand. Or the way those impossibly delicate legs led, inevitably, to the cleft between them, already glinting with womanly dew in the moonlight.

He took a step. Then another. Water rose around his ankles, his shins, his thighs, though it did nothing to cool the fiery ache in his groin. He waded across the pool, its stony, pebbly bottom firm under his feet. The water rose to his chest and then began to sink again. When he emerged, dripping, it was to find himself as naked as she, his clothes magically vanished. Those green eyes surveyed him, and Daniel suddenly wished, quite fiercely, that he had availed himself more often of the exercise equipment in the campus physical education center. He didn’t have a gut to suck in, thank Christ, but a set of washboard abs would have been welcome. And maybe biceps that looked like they could lift something heavier than a textbook. An engine block, for instance.

“Come to me,” the woman repeated, and now she was on her back, her arms stretched over her head, her entire body displayed in blatant, wanton invitation.

“I’m here,” he whispered.

Her hand reached out. Unwittingly, he took it. Her fingers were cool.

“Not yet. But soon, you will be. Now wake.




“Sir?” A hand shook his shoulder. “You need to wake up.”

Daniel started violently, twitching and striking his temple against the side of the cabin. “Ow! Shit!” He rubbed his head, blinking blearily. “What?”

The stewardess backed away, one hand covering her mouth. Not Kate. Another one, older, with a matronly look about her. “We’ve landed, sir.” Her eyes glinted in suppressed amusement. “Welcome to Wales.”

Romans et littérature
31 mars
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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