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Every pastor posted to this community refused to go because of strong witchcraft attacks and diabolical satanic operations that go on there. The church in that town suffered serious spiritual oppositions. Cult group members in this area were known to donate their children periodically to the cult for rituals. When is a member's turn, she gives up her child and they would suck the child's blood until the child dies. But pastor Cyril offered to be posted there. He told me he offered to go there because they had plenty of food not just because of the cravings of the spirit of a shepherd to serve. He was in a church then that the size of your church membership determined the size of your income and resources. The shepherds or undershepherds had to make a lot of sacrifices especially when the poor members depended on the pastor for financial help. This place needed a pastor with the spirit of a shepherd and who was ready to make the sacrifices demanded of a true Shepherd. Pastor Cyril said in a certain night demons lifted him and his bed up into the air and were trying to carry him outside. He called on the name of the Lord and rebuked the devil. He was dropped down. That was the power and spirit of levitation. No wonder pastors dreaded posting to that village...
"The Shepherd Leader (Effective Pastoral Leadership Wisdom in Shepherding God's People)" is a book that explains type of shepherds and their dealings with the flock of God. The book also shared thrilling testimonies and worthy examples of pastoral experiences. Ministers of the gospel, pastors, missionaries, Christian workers and all Christians will gain great insights and experience the Great Shephred's experience and blessings. The Spirit of a shepherd. Get a copy today for yourself and for your minister and friends also. Share what God is doing.

Religion et spiritualité
8 juillet
Ikechukwu Joseph

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