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Figuring out what we have to do, how we must organize ourselves to have a civilized, sustainable and happy world is simple once we become fully honest with ourselves. Many of you will take offense to my suggestion that you are not honest. You will insist that you are at least as honest as the average person you’ve known.
But I’m not talking about the relative honesty of the average savage. I’m talking about the absolute honesty one achieves when one strips away the accumulated and basic lies of our culture. Let’s refer to these basic cultural lies as masks because they prevent us from seeing ourselves and presenting ourselves as we truly are.
The masks provide covers for the most difficult problems down through the ages, problems that we have failed to fully solve. The people wearing masks are pretending otherwise, pretending that these problems don’t exist. To prove them wrong, all you have to do is touch a sore spot, converse about a subject that is taboo to them and see how fast they scream. One is only as honest and civilized as one is free of masks and taboo subjects. The First Mask is remnant of the Primal Revolution and the Neolithic and are incomplete transitions to exogamy and monogamy. It pretends that we don't love the people we most love (our siblings and opposite-sex parent) so as to facilitate and prepare us for our unhappy marriages. The Second Mask is remnant of the Species War and guilt from having exterminated our parent species. It has us pretending that we are not animals/ great apes and makes us the monsters of the natural world. The Third Mask is the product of homophobia, which is the product of monogamy, which began in the Neolithic and was fortified and institutionalized by modern religion. Because we all love our siblings and nobody gets to choose his siblings, homophobia is unfair, oppresses people with same-sex siblings and causes those who can hide their homosexuality to do so, to wear the Third Mask. It makes them the monster of society. As we approach puberty, we all know what a fraud this Third Mask is; but it is aloof from criticism because, by that time, all of us are already wearing the First and the Second Masks. We have to remove all of the masks, educate the religious people and allow everyone to love. If we commit ourselves to this and to resolving the real, K and R, class struggle; then we can inaugurate a new system of marriage and child-rearing. The Stage II system will turn our world into a paradise: guarantee everyone love with the perfect partner, totally eliminate incest complexes, infidelity, divorce and violent crime, empower women within the family as never before, make very smart people of all our little girls and geniuses of our little boys.

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6 avril
David Huttner

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