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They've lived in orbit around planet Lumus for over 800 years, and for all they know, no one else exists but them.

However, they don't know how their race arrived here. No history book has an answer and no historian has the guts to find out. It's as if the history of their race, the human race, started in orbit around this planet. Any knowledge of their existence preceding 800 years has either been erased or their Prime Director is correct: they were birthed here and their race didn't exist 800 years ago. Most don't question it. Some do.

Regardless, life is undisturbed. All they know is peace. There's no torment, no struggle, and no war. The star ships and star fighters that make up their military--Star Guild--are for show, unneeded, and manufactured only to help with tech research. They know of no enemy, no threat, no carnage, and because of this, they aren't prepared for what's coming.

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Star Guild consists of episodes, much like shows on television. There aren't any chapters here. Star Guild is action packed and riveting, and with every heart pumping page, you'll be on the edge of your seat, waiting to read what happens next. You'll be carried along, feeling as if you are part of the journey, playing a role in the adventure, falling in love with the characters as you progress. When an episode finishes, you'll find yourself eagerly awaiting the next.

SF et fantasy
15 décembre
Brandon Ellis