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Former Massachusetts schoolteacher Milly loves her new role as diver on Captain Nemo's submarine, Nautilus. She and her lover, Connie the Nautilus' Chief Diving Officer have forged a lasting friendship with a large sentient cuttlefish. Little do they know how deep the cephalopod's feelings run.Excerpt: I sensed there was more to Cutty’s grip this time. His mantle flushed with the bright ripples of black and white that I had come to associate with mating in smaller, non-sentient cuttlefish. Could it be that he actually wanted me as a partner? The members of this intelligent race were highly sexually active and mated socially like Bonobos and some species of cetacean. Suddenly, it flashed through my mind that I might succumb to Cutty’s amorous intentions. I wanted to be horrified by such an idea. In fact I’d secretly longed for it since the first time he’d embraced me. It was unlikely anyone other than Connie would come by and I knew she would approve. The thought of Connie watching through the viewing port as I was well and truly seen-to by this amazing creature was intensely erotic. I knew that watching us would get her juices flowing and I’d have to see to her needs as soon as I got out of the chamber. On the other hand, she could always join us...WARNING! This 4,594 word story contains two beautiful women, an amorous cephalopod, rubber fetish, breath control and graphic descriptions of f/cuttlefish and f/f sex!

Romans et littérature
29 août
Sophie Walton

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