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A former Massachusetts school Mistress, Milly was saved from drowning by the crew of the Nautilus and inducted into the crew. Life on the futuristic submarine is very different from 1880s New England and she soon takes advantage of the freedoms and opportunities available. Now a diving officer, Milly and her mistress Connie have a difficult admission to make to the Captain. How will they explain their first venture into inter-species sex and how will they convince the Captain to let them pleasure their friendly cephalopod?

Excerpt: I turned away from Connie and asked her to unfasten me. I always loved it when Connie undressed me, but I was a little nervous as she started to undo the hooks down the back of my beautiful golden dress. As she worked her way down I felt the nervousness start to slip away. I knew the Captain was undressing, but neither of us would turn to look. My dress fell away and I stepped out of the exquisitely tailored satin garment. I stood there in the gorgeous black, lace-trimmed, elasticated corselette – part of a range the Captain had designed to replace the ridiculously restrictive undergarments of 1880s society. Its elasticated panels enhanced my already beautifully curvaceous shape whilst the satin ones were wonderfully soft to the touch. Six taut garter straps held up my exquisite silk stockings. My calf-length boots gave beautiful poise and curvature to my lower legs that I know the Captain would appreciate.

WARNING! This 5,270 word story contains two beautiful women in Victorian lingerie, an idealistic submarine captain and a red hot Ménage that will rock your world!

Romans et littérature
29 août
Sophie Walton

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