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Want to Launch Your T-shirt Brand Online in 30 Days or Less?
Get the latest and greatest resources and secrets from the T-shirt Industry without getting stressed out from an information overload. Save time researching and asking too many questions or the wrong questions. All the answers are here ready for you to access.
Yes this really works. Anastasia Kotis' breakthrough guide does show you how to launch your T-shirt Brand in 30 days or less. Whether designing, selling or marketing your brand, the secret to how to succeed is all here using resources and information available to you now at your fingertips.
Armed with this guide, readers will learn how to establish a target market, t-shirt design, branding, printing techniques, trade shows, dealing with retailers, costs and profit margins, e-commerce, copyright, advertising, SEO and much more!

Here is a snapshot of what you will find in this book.
- The TOP 10 mistakes to avoid when starting a T-shirt business
- The Easiest way to find a Target Market for your brand
- Launch Online with NO start up Capital
- The Best Design Resources available to you now
- How to stay ahead of the game with the latest Trends
- A complete guide to T-shirt Printing Techniques
- T-shirt breakdown costs and making Profits
- Creating an Online Store in just 10 Minutes
- Create your very own detailed Sales Plan
- Top Tips to get your product in Retail - Traditional and Online
- The world of Pop Up Stores
- Learn to design yourself
- Where to see the best Fashion and Trade Show Events in the World
- Top Marketing and Sales Mistakes to avoid
- 5 Low Cost Advertising ideas to get you started
- Copyright and Legal resources
- TOP 20 TIPS to get your T-shirt Designs noticed on the WEB AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

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