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There are times in our lives when we are accused of misdeeds that we did not commit and we are then faced with the daunting challenge on how to dispel myths, suspicions, allegations and character assassinations about ourselves.
As time passes and if the false allegations do not correct themselves, the individual is then faced with a couple of alternatives. The first is to live with these false allegations and the second is to do something about these allegations by attempting to show ones innocence.
This booklet is about the second option and how one should prepare oneself to be exonerated. In the second option, an individual falsely accused can consult or confer with an attorney, a religious man, a social worker, a psychiatrist or a polygraph examiner.
When one cuts to the quick, the option of choice will be the polygraph examination. I am not going to overburden the imagination of the reader with the details. But thirty-one years as a polygraph examiner, with thousands of polygraph tests under my belt, has shown me it is the weapon of choice for those falsely accused.
For during my tenure, I have ran examinations on attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, judges, doctors, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, mob figures, dope dealers, union officials, police officers, Roman Catholic priests and the public at large. My work is done in the streets, throughout multi-state regions of which I have covered the complete strata of society from near billionaires to people living in the back of a pickup truck. The false allegations have ranged from murder, rape, arson, embezzlement, espionage, and terrorism, down to marriage infidelity. Simply said, I cover every type of allegation that one can imagine a person can be accused of.
So how does one know when one needs a polygraph examination? I believe it can best be described in the clearest of forms as I stated in my book, The Investigators of Luna Pier.

The Switchman

“In these days, I walk the earth with men. I am the switchman.
You don’t know me or look at me twice when I walk by you, for I am but a phantom, a ghost and a mere shadow to you.
But the day will truly come, when you shall be falsely accused due to circumstances beyond your control. In that day, you shall be condemned to the dark places and all that you have will be at stake.
You will be broken, you shall be shackled, your character will be assassinated and the very essence of your being cast into the pit of hell.
You shall be defenseless, helpless, forsaken, crushed and truly lost. Your freedom, your marriage, your family, your work, your money, your health and your life will pass before you like sand blowing in the wind.
As you hopelessly sit there, mocked and condemned, you will pray to the heavens for deliverance from your false accusers who have come for your soul.
It is in that day that I, the switchman, shall enter into your life and you shall truly see me for what I am. It is in that day and thereafter, that you will truly know who I am.
For you shall put your arms around me and weep on my shoulder and give thanks.
For my prime directive is simple, free the souls of the captive innocent, so that they may live and know justice.
Indeed, I shall do this, until the end of my days.”

Richard E. Ankony
Polygraph Examiner
Private Investigator

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