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Have you ever caught yourself wondering just what your dog is thinking when he suddenly drops to the ground and rolls around in ecstasy on his back? What about when he lowers his head and slinks away after a stranger walks up to him and pats him on the head? Join best-selling author Patricia McConnell in looking at the behavioral interactions of dogs and people and how the similarities and differences between us impact our relationships. Click here to view an excerpt. What reviewers are saying... NORTH SHORE NEWS
“What does your dog hear when you give it multiple commands? There are so many questions that come into your relationship with your dog because at the base of it is the attempt for two different species to live together. Gathered together for the first time is this wonderful collection of essays by animal behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell. Drawing from her regular column in Bark magazine, her radio show Calling All Pets, and the 11 books she has written, McConnell has picked the best of her writing. Her easygoing writing style makes each essay a comfortable journey towards increased understanding of your dog’s motivation and those signs for how he is trying to communicate with you. Essays are divided into chapters that include communication, genetics, behavior, and beyond. From puppies to training, to lifelong partnership, McConnell will warm you heart with her insights, and help you have a better relationship with your canine friend.” Terry Peters

“The bond between pet and owner can improve one's health and make one's day. "Tales of Two Species: Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs" is a collection of essays on life with man's best friends. Focusing on the relationship between the two species, McConnell analyzes everything ranging from the name a person gives their dog, to better communication, to the effect of breeding on canine-kind as a whole, and other topics as well. "Tales of Two Species" is a fine read for those who want to better understand the bond of homo sapiens and their canine familiars.” James A. Cox

“OK, I admit it. I am president of the Seattle chapter of the Patricia McConnell Fan Club. This poignant, fast-moving soft cover reflects why McConnell”s naturalness, resilience and resourcefulness separate her from other animal behaviorists. She tackles many hot-button subjects in our relationship with the dog, dissecting the heart of each issue in lay terms every owner will understand. Some issues she manages to simplify so adroitly that you’re left asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”... Communication, training, genetics and even dying are addressed in this wide-ranging bridge linking owner and pet. In the process, McConnell challenges breeders and owners alike to focus more on behavior than on looks, but not at the sacrifice of physical health. For the owner, that means carefully assessing the environment in which the puppy resides, its interaction with others and the parents’ disposition (assuming you are visiting a breeding kennel), as well as getting recommendations from others. While weaving a sobering but simplistic portrayal of the “two species” convoluted landscape, McConnell focuses on the responsibly we assume with dog ownership, concluding, “Dogs make us vulnerable, pure and simple. That’s fine with some of us, but it may make others uncomfortable and motivate them to downplay the importance of the family dog.” For most of us, she adds, the value of the joy and love that a dog brings to your home is priceless.”

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