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The Tao of Declutter

5-minute Home and Office Tasks to Cut Through the Chaos and Obtain Peace of Mind

Our brains crave organization and yet our hands love to create chaos! We ourselves are left with the great challenge of cleaning, tidying up and organizing everything. Let's be real: This is not a fun task!

The Tao of Declutter will take you through a series of the easiest, quickest 5-minute hacks to declutter the rooms of your home and office, leaving your brain with "happy time" to take in the cleaned and organized spaces! We are programmed to appreciate organization. The Tao of Declutter will quickly take you through the process in painless five-minute-chunks!

When you breeze through this ebook you will learn such things as:

    How clutter stresses us out!

    How to best clean while keeping your mind intact!

    How to create a "system" that will be useful anytime, anywhere!

    How to Keep Track of Your Progress for "Next Time!"

    Tips for each room in your home and office that will make you go, "Ah HA!"

    ...and many more tips on surviving mankind's most hated chore!

You certainly could suffer through organizing your spaces as most people do, but if you are like most and hate tidying-up only to create temporary cleanliness, sit down, relax and enjoy this ebook so that the task of cleaning your home or office will be easy as pie and you will have created a simple system that you can use again and again!

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