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I didn't need no rich alpha to take care of me. I was a street cat, after all. But I did need money. If I could just get a bit more, I could afford some heat blockers, then I wouldn't have to worry about alphas at all. Problem solved.

I wanted babies, but until I got on my feet, I couldn’t have them. I could barely afford to feed myself as it was.

However, when I met my new boss - the billionaire’s son - I tried to hide my heat from him, but he was just too damn nosy!

He caught me off guard - and in full heat - and before I knew it, I was carrying his babies.

When his alpha father found out, all hell broke loose. Threatened with the loss of his inheritance, I knew he would choose me over riches. But I couldn’t allow that. I didn’t deserve him. So, I did the only thing I could think of:

I ran away.

Alone and destitute, I struggled to find a job. I needed to care for the babies in my belly. But with no experience, no family and no alpha, I didn’t stand a chance.


Bryce came to my door looking like a helpless, lost cat. He was disheveled, hungry and looking for a leg up in the world. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was in heat. With no money, he couldn’t even afford heat blockers.

I thought I could help him. Even though he was a bit clumsy, he made a good servant. But there was something more to him. Something I couldn’t quite place my paw on. It was like we were fated to be together.

He helped me realize that I had been living my entire life separated from the rest of the world. Through our love, he showed me what it was like to be a real man who wasn’t judged by wealth. I found that I liked helping the omega care for my house.

But when my father found out about our union, he couldn’t accept the fact that I loved someone beneath my station. Not only was I kicked out of the only home I had ever known, but that night I also lost the love of my life, Bryce.

I could replace my home, but I could never replace my omega.

This 16k word story contains an HEA, Mpreg, and babies at the end. Cute babies. Insufferable little tykes that get into all sorts of trouble.

9 février
Akita StarFire

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