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After a late-night phone call from his former PhD mentee and fiancée, Priscilla Kleitman, Doctor James Doucet finds out that her former boyfriend, Shaun Phillip-Jousa, has developed a way of harnessing lightning bolts to set off powerful E-bombs that could black-out entire cities. Meeting with Priscilla in Kansas, they investigate what she believes is a “test run” of his lightning powered E-bomb which has knocked out the city of Manhattan and nearby Fort Riley. Caught by Agents “Dee” Kowalski and “Deedee” Dubchek, as they are sneaking onto the bomb site, they are taken to the hastily erected headquarters of the bomb site investigation team. There, they are invited to join the Top Secret Homeland Security Department division known as the Domestic Analysis and Investigation Division.
Once recruited by what Jim and Priscilla perceive as an erratic and somewhat eccentric band of secret agents, they are off to Washington DC to help them find the other E-bombs Shaun has already constructed and planted in three major cities on the East Coast.
Divided into search teams and guided only by Jim’s deductions on how the E-bombs might be hidden, Jim takes his team on a search through the northern reaches of Washington while Priscilla accompanies her team to New York City. There, she and Dee meet up with the real master-mind of Operation Big Blitz, Morrison Hadley, Priscilla’s former step-dad and CEO of Merrimac Industries, Inc., a very large defense contractor just recently discredited by Congress for unethical practices in Afghanistan. Morrison kidnaps Priscilla and has his henchmen tie Dee to the New York City E-bomb he has built atop of the GE Building.
Meanwhile, in Washington, Jim, along with Agents Smith, Dubchek and Bailey find the camouflaged quarry site of the DC E-bomb only minutes before an approaching storm sets off the device with a lightning bolt. The resultant electromagnetic pulse does more than shut down Washington DC and most of Baltimore; it kills Priscilla, who had been tied into the lightning circuit only hours before by Morrison. Shocked and depressed, Jim finds no console in the fact that Dubchek’s partner, Agent Kowalski, must also be dead. Sullenly, they wait while Agent Smith, who is also the Agency’s only Medical Examiner, attempts to find some clue Priscilla may have left that would tell them where the third and last E-bomb might be.
In New York, Dee Kowalski is rescued from the E-bomb by Agents White and Brown and successfully deactivates the device with the help of “Moses” and the NYPD Bomb Squad. Learning of the successful E-bomb attack on Washington DC, Agents Kowalski, White and Brown rush down to Andrews Air Force Base where the other members of DAID have set up a temporary command post. Along with Mr. Peabody, and the Agency’s “clean-up crew,” they fly up to the quarry where Jim and his agents are waiting with information on the whereabouts of the third E-bomb. But after flying down to a container yard in Newport, they discover the container number Priscilla had written on her body, contains only the tied up “straw man” of Morrison’s operation, a French Foreign Legion agent by the name of Jacque Malet.
But news is received that the Coast Guard Cutter, Monitor, has intercepted and sequestered a semi-submersible boat towing a strange missile on its own floating launch pad. Flying out to the Cutter on two Coast Guard helicopters, Jim, Smith, Bailey, and Kowalski discover that not only has the crew of the Monitor successfully captured the third E-bomb but Morrison Hadley as well. But during an escape attempt, Morrison is accidentally shot and killed by Kowalski. Jim insists on scuttling the E-bomb rocket with explosives, the Captain of the Monitor agrees, and they destroy the last E-bomb with depth charges while the ship’s crew and DAID agents watch and take videos.

Romans et littérature
5 avril
Jean Baptiste Doucet

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