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A book about the changeable nature of humans. About the road to finding happiness, pleasure, a sublime love. A young female doctor, who is dating one of her managers in a Liverpool hospital, decides that she wants to finish her studies at a university in Chicago. While away from England for two years, she meets a young rich kid, an Anthropology student, with whom she falls in love. Although the guy offers her almost everything; a future with the descendent of a family of millionaires, a sumptuous villa for a home, exclusive vacations, the opportunity of a first-rate job, on the background of some family problems, but also with a certain unhappiness in love, the girl decides to return to Liverpool. Within a short space of time, following overwhelming gestures of love from her ex-boyfriend in her hometown, she returns to her old relationship, one which is clearly also advantageous at a financial level; her lover offers her a pleasant and well-remunerated work position in the department which he heads, she moves into his expensive modern house and things seem to be heading towards a happy ending and a marriage for love. But the story does not end here. At some point, the girl inherits a cottage in a village close to Liverpool, which she then extends with the aid of a construction company. While supervising the construction work, the girl discovers that the engineer foreman directing the workers is a really great guy. This man, of good breeding and with a leaning towards culture, has a part-time job as an actor in a theater company and seduces the girl after a play which he has invited her to see him in.

5 juin
Jim Coso

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