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It has taken more than a decade to produce this fully navigable chronological version of the Bible. The entire bible is arranged in historical sequence. Truth House Publishing has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of many scholars, scientists, and historians for this purpose.

Additional features include links that enable the reader to navigate easily to maps that have been drawn with reference to the latest archaeological findings; there are time charts with the most recently researched historical data, and bible-supporting scientific commentaries which provide satisfying answers to many of the arguments regarding the validity of scripture.

Some questions this Bible version addresses:

•How do you reconcile the time frame in the account of creation in Genesis with scientific data on the age of the earth?
•How did Alexander the Great’s empire contribute to Bible distribution?
•How do you reconcile the four gospel accounts of the resurrection? Was there one woman at the tomb? Or two, or many? Who was at the tomb first?
•Read how apparent contradictions in the Bible are easily resolved when it is read chronologically. Read events as they happened in the context of the prophecies about those events. Read in sequence the words of the prophets and their fulfillment.
•See how the influence of the prophets Zechariah and Haggai contributed to the rebuilding of the temple in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.
•Read some research into the background to the Bible: The history of Cyrus and why he allowed the Jews to return to Israel.
•How did the Macedonian and Roman empires contribute to the distribution of the New Testament?
•Read about the archaeological evidence for, and historical background to, some of the more extraordinary biblical events.
•Read how astronomical data helped identify the probable date of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

Reading the Bible in its traditional format is like examining a jigsaw puzzle before it is assembled. You get to see all the pieces, enjoy them, and benefit from them, but you don’t see the whole picture in context. Read the entire Bible dated like a diary and get the complete and clear picture of God’s story.

This bible version includes:
Explanations on dating methods, bible-supporting science, history, astronomy, and archaeology, and history time charts to enable the reader to place biblical events in the context of history. There are fifteen detailed maps with commentary. The text includes numerous links to useful information on the background to the text you are reading.

The German version of this Bible is also available.

The Compiler
Alaythea Hamlyn, the compiler of this Chronological Bible, has a diploma in Biblical Studies from Rhema Bible School, an honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Stellenbosch, and a diploma in Fine Art. Alaythea is a passionate student of God’s word, particularly in the context of History. She has taught in churches and workshops all over Africa on the application of the Word of God in the life of a believer. With her keen interest in biblical chronology, history and science, and a sound grasp of IT, she has accomplished a superb and unique ordering of the Word of God for this generation.

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