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Augustine of Hippo (354-430), otherwise known as Saint Augustine, was a bishop in the Roman city of Hippo Regius, which is now Annaba, Algeria. In addition to his pastoral activities he was a prolific writer. These writings have been credited as the single most important source of Christian thought in the Western church.

  In this expansive ebook all the major works of St. Augustine, which have been translated into English, are collected in a single volume. In this edition, the Biblical references from his works have been linked to the King James Version of the Bible which is present as an appendix.

Included are the following works of St. Augustine:

 1. Confessions

  2. Letters

  3. City of God

  4. Christian Doctrine

  5. On the Holy Trinity

  6. The Enchiridion

  7. On the Catechising of the Uninstructed

  8. On Faith and the Creed

  9. Concerning Faith of Things Not Seen

  10. On the Profit of Believing

  11. On the Creed: A Sermon to Catechumens

  12. On Continence

  13. On the Good of Marriage

  14. On Holy Virginity

  15. On the Good of Widowhood

  16. On Lying

  17. To Consentius: Against Lying

  18. On the Work of Monks

  19. On Patience

  20. On Care to be Had For the Dead

  21. On the Morals of the Catholic Church

  22. On the Morals of the Manichaeans

  23. On Two Souls, Against the Manichaeans

  24. Acts or Disputation Against Fortunatus the Manichaean

  25. Against the Epistle of Manichaeus Called Fundamental

  26. Reply to Faustus the Manichaean

  27. Concerning the Nature of Good, Against the Manichaeans

  28. On Baptism, Against the Donatists

  29. Answer to Letters of Petilian, Bishop of Cirta

  30. Merits and Remission of Sin, and Infant Baptism

  31. On the Spirit and the Letter

  32. On Nature and Grace

  33. On Man's Perfection in Righteousness

  34. On the Proceedings of Pelagius

  35. On the Grace of Christ, and on Original Sin

  36. On Marriage and Concupiscence

  37. On the Soul and its Origin

  38. Against Two Letters of the Pelagians

  39. On Grace and Free Will

  40. On Rebuke and Grace

  41. The Predestination of the Saints and on the Gift of Perseverance

  42. Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount

  43. The Harmony of the Gospels

  44. Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament

  45. Tractates on the Gospel of John

  46. Homilies on the First Epistle of John

  47. Soliloquies

  48. The Enarrations, or Expositions, on the Psalms

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