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Lena has been summoned for a performance on her instrument of choice - the harp - for a secretive benefactor, the mysterious Lord Oliver. When she is brought to him, she meets this reclusive and wealthy figure that has influenced the kingdom so much - and she finds out he is, in reality, a dragon. Ohmat - his real name - surprises her with his intelligence and gentleness, yet also his somber character.

Ohmat has withdrawn from the world, mostly, to mourn the passing of his mate almost a century ago - but that hasn’t stopped his mating urges from returning, stronger each time. Lena’s music soothes his furious desires for a time, enough that she can see the true, great character of this creature - but Lena wants to do more for him. She finds herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even knowing the danger. Lena offers herself to him, and he accepts - but once his passion is released, it cannot be stopped. He will toy with her for a time with his tongue, but ultimately will seek to conquer her completely.

Join Lena as she is taken by a dragon to be his lover, and the two experience something otherworldly and unique. The Dragon’s Lover is an erotic short story in approximately 6,500 words, and is not appropriate for readers under the age of eighteen. This story contains an extended M/F scene between a human woman and her draconic lover.

Romans et littérature
6 février
Johannes Lowe

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