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The Eye of Shiva represents the all-seeing eye "which can penetrate to the hidden levels of existence impervious to normal sight." In this original and visionary book, Amaury de Riencourt argues that man has reached a watershed in history where these "hidden levels of existence ' will become available to all of us.

The key event is the impending convergence of Eastern mysticism and Western science brought about by revolutionary development in physics. Since the emergence of the "New Physics," mechanical models of the universe have lost their use. Western scientists looking for a new philosophical model of the universe are discovering a framework that mystics have used for millennia.

Amaury de Riencourt maintains that the "higher state of consciousness" of the meditating yogi, the enlightenment' of Eastern mysticism, is not a dream state but a true description of reality. He believes that this consciousness, symbolised by the Eye of Shiva, can provide the appropriate model for further research in physics. Furthermore, he argues that this "hidden level of existence" can unite Eastern and Western traditions and end forever the dualisms of Western thought.

The Eye of Shiva is an investigation of the Western scientific and Eastern mystical traditions and a demonstration that the mysticism of the East is as "scientific" as the physics of the West. This is a lucid, provocative, and radical book with the power to challenge and perhaps even change our ways of thinking.

Essais et sciences humaines
28 février
Honeyglen Publishing Limited

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