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The idea of sex on the first date was never a huge selling or sticking point to me, even though I knew others girls that liked to get the sex out of the way, to see the man behind the primal desire. I just didn’t like the idea of sex with a stranger or the fear of waking up one morning only to see the outline of his body in the mattress, mixed with the faint scent of his cologne in the air, though, that all changed when I gazed into Gregory’s eyes that night at the club.
Up until that moment, I was never expecting to gaze upon those blue heavenly pools. Never expecting his eyes to be so domineering, so sexy, and alluring that the moment I gazed into them I quickly felt myself getting wet, my body bathing in the sensual warmth, the heat of his gaze, I knew I was going to claim him as mine that very night, to feel the strength of his cock pressing into me.
Thus, hours later, after the bar closed, after I invited him up to my apartment, I was at awe with myself, being naked on my bed as he hovered over my open thighs, preparing to do something to me he said, would make me feel like a real woman again. “What. . . What are you going to do to me?” I asked in anticipation as he began to breathe along with me for a few moments, as if to make sure I had my breathing synchronized with his.

Romans et littérature
20 novembre
Veenstra/Exploited Publishing Inc

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