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The Gathering Storm is a grand Epic.
The Greeks of Anatole have a period of blessed peace. But it will not last, the Hun are coming for the last of the elves and their human allies in numbers too great to comprehend and they will be backed by the darkest magic of all.
While Philippos lies dead, the Makedónes are now led by Aléxandros, his even more dangerous son.
Hakeem will find himself facing war on multiple fronts, leading to the final desperate defence of Elgard and the elves are fewer and far weaker than they were when they faced the last barbarian horde.The last battle is one he and the Elves cannot truly win.
Will this be the end of the Elves and all that stand with them?
Jacinta has been badly injured in her fight with a daimôn. It seems she will have to give up her dream of being a warrior. A group of young women desperately need her help, but how can she help them when she can't help herself?
As war looms, she and her new friends are too young. They must remain behind, their heart aching for their friends and loved ones, some of whom they will never see again. But can Hakeem defeat the daimôn army without Jacinta?

SF et fantasy
14 octobre
Neil Port

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