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After almost half a millennium, the Blade of the Gods has surfaced and by a quirk of fate woke its current guardian Terry Gulini, the human clockwork doll known as the Dark Harlequin, from his astral wanderings. When the Blade is stolen from one of its remote Jesuit missions in Mexico, the Catholic Church will stop at nothing to get it back. The Templar, the Churchs covert organization acting as judge, jury, and executioner of the paranormal are sent to investigate and retrieve the Aztec artifact. But the Blade has set other powerful forces in motion. Like an evil beacon, the ancient blade draws other, even more deadly, mystical entities from the shadows that are closing in and will destroy anyone that stands between them and the powerful Blade of the Gods.

Terry and his band of friends are caught in a fight for their lives against the unknown evil forces that plan to use the Blade to destroy the world. Faced with overwhelming odds, Terry must use all his otherworldly powers to save his new love Angelina and his comrades, and gain the time he needs to hide the Blade of the Gods where it will never be found. But when friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Terry places his trust in his gypsy allies Aurelia and Mikhail to keep his friends safe. The formidable gypsy bodyguards are put to the test while Terrys new-found friends Joe and Cheri find they must use their fledging psychic and magical powers to keep their band safe. Caught in a cruel, centuries-old game of ancient Gods and dark magic, the Dark Harlequin faces losing all he loves. Will Terry be able to protect them all from their unseen enemies, or will he be left again with nothing but blood and vengeance?

Romans et littérature
21 juillet

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