The Harlot Bride

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"Like many men before him, and many men since, Edward Tazewell, Earl of Chiltenham, discovered his future bride in church on a Sunday morning. Now, I am aware that it is hardly unusual for a gentleman to find a wife in a House of God, for there are few enough opportunities for the sexes to come together in polite society. But it does surprise in Lord Tazewell's case, for his tastes in women were unusual and specific. The sort of female who suited his dark desires was far more likely to be found in a gaming house."

Thus begins this absorbing and erotic tale of a powerful earl and his young bride, Miss Lucy Farquhar. In the Victorian era, a lady’s reputation could not afford even a whisper of scandal. Raised in India but sent back to England when both her parents suddenly pass away, Lucy's behavior, innocent fun but wild nonetheless, sets London on its ear. In short order, she is shunned as an outcast. But an orphaned pariah is just what the earl desires: a girl he can mold to his own desires with no interference from concerned friends or family. He strikes a deal with the great-uncle to whom Lucy was entrusted and -- after an extremely thorough and embarrassing examination to confirm her virginity -- Lucy is married off and whisked away to the earl's remote country estate.

There, Lucy's life is strikingly different from what she expected. Hardly a bride yet not a servant, her very strict husband trains her to humility and obedience through the frequent application of bare-bottom spankings, the strap, the birch, and even unusual anal discipline – all of which is described in loving detail. Lucy secretly longs to enter the marital bed but she’s too proud to admit it, and in any case, Lord Tazewell has his own ideas about that.

While this story includes the elements of a traditional romance story – a strong man, a feisty leading lady, a historical setting in Victorian times, and ultimately love – it also contains explicit sexual scenes, including anal play, and a great deal of non-consensual and severe spanking. There is also a hint of BDSM themes such as domination. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book. But if the image of a submissive virgin bride, obediently parting her own undergarments as she waits for her husband's birch rod thrills you, then don't wait for this one!

Romans et littérature
19 juin

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