The HEAR Process

Healing Relationships through Loving Communication

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Studies show that how we deal with our hurts will make or break the relationship connection. The HEAR Process provides a predictably productive, positive, effective, and truly healing way to deal with hurts and conflict. By consistently applying this process to our communication, we will be set free from the hurts that inevitably occur in any long-term relationship. This healing leads to forgiveness and the removal of anger and bitterness. This results in experiencing emotional freedom that relieves the hopeless, helpless feeling that often leaves us feeling desperate.

The HEAR Process contains the solution for becoming masterful at dealing with conflict. In resolving conflict, there is a lot of information published about what not to do in our communication. The HEAR Process is an intentional communication tool that sets you up for success to heal broken relationships. This tool shows you exactly what to do to break out of all the bad habits that destroy good communication. Unresolved hurts cause anger, avoidance, and defensiveness that block the joy in our relationships. Even if there have been unresolved issues for years, this process breaks through the walls of pain, bringing understanding, healing, and safety to relationships. This process allows the conflict to be used to grow our ability to know one another deeper. As we grow in knowing one another, we can love one another better. The HEAR Process is a structured, brief therapy approach to be used in a clinical setting or at home without a therapist present. This transformative technique will solidify your confidence in handling the most difficult issues in personal relationships or in your relationship counseling.

The HEAR Process has a proven record over the decades of being effective when used in relationships including marriages, friendships, siblings, parent/child, teacher/student, and co-workers.

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