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The year is 1585.  As a mysterious comet blazes across the sky, one woman embarks on a dangerous quest that could determine the fate of two kingdoms.

Cast out from her clan, fiery Irish warrior, Catriona O'Hanlon has pledged her fealty to the Lady of Faire Isle. But Catriona's courage and devotion will be put to the test when Ariane asks her to find the young girl known as the Silver Rose.

Megaera's mystical abilities have become legend, making her a threat to two powerful women, Elizabeth I of England and Catherine de Medici, France's Dark Queen.  Skilled as a huntress, Cat must bring Meg to Faire Isle where she can be shielded from those who would exploit her supernatural gifts. 

Catriona traces Meg to London, only to cross swords with an unexpected obstacle, the girl's own father. Street thief, adventurer, spy; Martin le Loup has played many roles in his life.  But he vows that his beloved daughter shall lead a normal, respectable life, far away from the magic of Faire Isle.   

As she clashes with Martin over Meg's future, Cat fights her passionate attraction to the handsome rogue.   Betrayed in the past, Cat has learned to guard her heart.    But the longer she is forced to remain in London, the more she loves and trusts Martin, only to discover he harbors a dangerous secret that jeopardizes all of them.

Facing enemies, betrayal and sinister forces unlike anything she has ever known, Cat must risk her life to save those she loves.  

The Huntress is the fourth book in Susan Carroll's acclaimed Daughters of the Earth series. 

SF et fantasy
22 mai
Susan Carroll

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