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Business books fall into two categories: theory and impractical protocols. Both provide either ideas without applications or applications without proven theoretical frames. They are like concept cars that no one expects to drive to work.

The Leader Architect provides the bridge to proven solutions based on sound theory. These solutions are being used successfully by expert leaders at some of the best companies in the world, without the elaborate external systems and training teams required by many popular approaches.

The Leader Architect is a practical guide for leaders who want to build and grow a consistently powerful organization that delivers long-term success. You will take away fresh insights on topics such as the following:

• Myths we love that ruin our businesses
• Power of pairs (why 1+1 is greater than 5+5)
• Architecture of successful business organizations
• Leverage of relationships
• Resilience: A step beyond agility

In the daily flood of “shoulds” and “wants” that fill the lives of most executives, The Leader Architect is a fresh and simple guide to tactics and tools that have worked for others—and will work for you.

“Full of clear examples that are immediately useable, Jim Grew’s book, The Leader Architect, will be enormously helpful to leaders in almost any organization. I highly recommend it!” —Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The Leader Architect makes available to business owners like me the performance metrics and management efficiencies that Jim used to help us to significantly grow the profitability of our construction group.” —Bill Mascott, Owner Mascott Equipment Co.

“Jim Grew has a great ability to listen and in listening he has acquired a great insight to how people and organizations work. He speaks clearly and directly so that there a few misunderstandings of his observations. Because of his experience in The Leader Architecthe shows that there is a wide array of definitions of success and sets his solutions in the context of the client’s definition. What does it mean to lead? He observes that empathy for the definition of success, the understanding of the problem, and the circumstances which impede success are all required for a useful solution. As an operator he knows these things work because he has been there and has had to deal with the issues he raises here.” —David Williams, retired CEO ShoreBank Pacific

“Jim Grew is truly the ‘Leader Architect’ by the way he lays out the structure and foundational principals necessary to be an effectively leader. He has an uncanny ability to quickly drill down to the critical elements that help organizations hire and develop high-functioning players. I found it extremely valuable how the book integrates relationships and collaboration to a create the mindset necessary to build highly effective teams. Overall, Jim’s insights and examples provided me with practical resources that I will use daily.” —Don Bielen, Principal Perkins & Co.

The Leader Architect is the proof of why Jim is called the Defogger and Accelerator. The chapter on Myths is a case in point. I told my clients that the practical advice in this chapter alone made the book my Christmas gift to them. Every page teems with pragmatic advice based on real world experience. In his words, “There is no such thing as the future. There is only now. The future is an accounting device that totals up the Now’s.” Get your copy of this book. NOW.” —Jerry Fletcher, CEO, Z-axis Marketing, Inc

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