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Learn the body toning and lean muscle building secrets of pro athletes in a fun and productive training program that anybody can use to burn fat and get a shredded body in as little as 4 weeks

In this revolutionary new approach, Jon Pearlman outlines an all-encompassing program to help you build the lean, athletic body.  Drawing from his background as a top college tennis player at Harvard, ATP-ranked touring professional, and fitness entrepreneur, Jon has formulated the ultimate training guide for those aspiring to get lean and stay lean for life.  The Lean Body Manual outlines an effective training program of quick weight loss exercises and an easy to follow nutritional plan so you can get lean, build muscle, and get into the best shape of your life.  This is the only fitness book you will ever need if you're serious about leaning down, getting shredded, and keeping the weight off forever.  It's time to take your fitness, nutrition, confidence, and life to the next level. Inside this guide, you will learn:

An ab workout and weight training program that actually work – Get a six-pack fast with these these body sculpting exercises used by pro athletes
The best fat burning exercises you need to know for rapid weight loss. Proven methods for losing belly fat for women and men so you can GET SHREDDED NOW
What you need to eat to lose weight, lose body fat, and build lean muscle – A weight loss diet plan that actually works
Get stronger, leaner, and more toned with The Lean Body Manual’s proven methods for reaching peak fitness
Quick weight loss tips that will skyrocket you into the best shape of your life

This book will help you get into shape quickly so you can show off your new body at the beach, gym, or your next party. These easy to follow step-by-step directions will help you lose weight fast and build firm, toned muscles. 

Get the body of your dreams now and transform your life forever.

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