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How to Lose 5lbs in Just 7 Days by Cutting Out Sugar From Your Diet

You’re about to discover how you can easily lose weight without exercising and without having to count calories thanks to this one simple change to your diet that you can do today.

Imagine in one week not only will you have lost weight but people will notice how much brighter and clearer your eyes look. You'll have a healthier complexion that you'll be able to see and feel.

Michael was a sugar addict for more than 30 years but when he cut out the extra sugar from his diet he lost over 5 lbs in the first 7 days without any exercise at all. In this book Michael reveals the exact meal plan that he followed during those first 7 days so you can simply copy what he did and continue to use this plan each week for permanent weight loss.

This is so easy for anyone to do who wants to lose weight because you don't have to worry about keeping count of how many calories you're eating each day. This is the magic key that opens the door to easy weight loss, plus much more, for everyone.

Inside The No Sugar Diet You'll Discover...

How to lose weight without counting calories
How to lose weight without exercise
Michael's own 7 day eating plan for totally cutting out sugar
Discover the real dangers of sugar
How sugar is hidden in foods labelled as healthy and how you can avoid them
The best natural sweeteners - you don't want to get this one wrong
How the low fat and fat free options are making you fat
Which herbs and spices help your body cope with sugar
Supplements that lower your bodies sugar response after meals
The real reasons why you shouldn't ever use artificial sweeteners
How sugar damages your entire body, inside and out
Plus much, much more!

The sugar that is in the everyday food products that you consume on a daily basis is killing you from the inside out and right now your internal system is being forced to fight a constant battle to keep you alive.

If you think that's sounds over dramatic you won't do after you've read this.

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Michael Sherriff

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