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For Elizabeth March (Liz) loving Ian is as easy as breathing. Unfortunately for her, no one ever told her how much love hurts sometimes.

Having loved Ian since her brother brought him home, and he wedged himself into her family's life. The young Liz once struggled with her feelings of unrequited love that left her feeling invisible. It was something she felt positive would be the hardest obstacle in her love for him. That was until he told her he was enlisting in the service.

Time and distance have a way of testing love like no other trial. The Rest of Tomorrow gives you a glimpse into the life of a woman torn by her desires and her need to be held by the one person that circumstance will not allow. Feel the love, the pain, the angst, and the fear that comes from not knowing if the person you love most is alive, while he/she is deployed in a war zone. And experience the loss and grief that loneliness and separation can create in the wake of loving a man or woman deployed in our service.

Can Liz hold onto the hope that one day Ian will be hers? Or will the pain of watching him leave her behind each time he gets redeployed be too much for her to bear? Enjoy the beauty of a love so fierce it burns like a sun in every moment they spend together. Will Liz and Ian be able to spend the rest of their tomorrows together, loving each other, or will war tear them apart?

Warning: This is a short but powerful read.

2 mars
Bethany Strobel

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