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Jack and Hitch are accomplished Professors at the exclusively private Hillary University located in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, but that is the extent of their commonality. That is, until a “large stone-like object, pure white and without blemish” suddenly appears in the middle of the campus Courtyard. How were they to know it is intended for them?

Whatever it is… it is big and it is in the way. With a highly anticipated, and nationally publicized, lecture taking place in three weeks, it could not have popped up at a worse time.  Charlie and his crew attempt to get rid of it but it won’t budge. In fact, in their effort to remove it they discover it is not even touching the ground!

Why here? Why now? Who sent it?

Hank was born and raised in Wheaton, Maryland. The second of four children to Bob and Jane Perry, his early years were filled with joyful chaos. His mom would succumb to cancer in 1970 and life simply became chaos. He bounced back in 1991 and married the girl of his dreams. Together, they produced two of the finest young men on the planet today. Hank accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in his 39th year and was immediately “born again.” Proving once again, it is never too late to make a good decision. He now lives in Colorado where he can ski to his heart’s content.

Romans et littérature
28 octobre
Xulon Press

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