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A bar named Second Chance opens the door to passionate connections and fierce dedication for those who walk in. Regardless of past damage or personal conflict, each patron may find the second chance they so desperately need. 


Ledger sees the defeat in her eyes the moment she sits at the bar, devastated and beautiful. The emptiness in her gaze he understands to his core, and he's instantly compelled to help this brown-haired beauty fight the source of her pain. 

Cruelly, the past refuses to let her go. Desire and danger fight to pull her life in two directions…but those forces may crumble as Ledger passionately fights harder than any barrier they face.


For Mason, every smile is forced, every joke represents effort, and bartending stands as a calculated decision to be a regular guy. In spite of his best efforts, life at such an easy pace is painful…because Mason was raised on a diet of crushing adrenaline and fierce, strategical thinking. 

When his skills as a special forces soldier are needed again, Mason has no idea how to return to his everyday existence, not after flexing every strength he'd pushed aside. The turmoil stirs ugly memories of his Army career, adding an explosive element to his world. The equally fierce and passionate love of an equally strong woman, however, boosts his power to overcome each demon within.


Violence shaped Callen Reed’s childhood. Special Forces forged his adulthood. When the woman he loves is murdered, revenge should be both simple and necessary. Unfortunately for a man who lives on the razor edge of intensity, simplicity doesn’t exist.

The world lays both love and revenge at his feet. His choice, his consequences.


Shelby Keene has lost touch…with her friends, her job, and even herself. She is swept along by life happening around her, until danger forces her further into a wild current beyond her control. 

Even in the most dire of circumstance, a chance at love may redeem past mistakes and protect her from the terrifying threats against her.

22 juillet
Bruce Street Publications

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