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This book is so powerful - it will change your financial future even before you finish reading it! most people struggle in life, especially when it comes to money and finances. They keep looking for ways to become rich but inevitably fail. What people fail to realize is that everyone is equipped with a unique monetary blueprint which is responsible for financial success or failure. It is this blueprint that causes some people like Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and L. N. Mittal to always be rich and successful. Through this book, you will learn their secrets - why such people get richer by the second and why others fail to be financially free. This book is a singular and powerful tool to help you understand and reprogramme your own financial blueprint in such a way that you will create wealth beyond your imagination!

Internationally renowned peak performance coach, strategist and Ace Speaker, Arfeen Khan, through his second book the secret millionaire blueprint, motivates you and teaches you how to attract wealth beyond your imagination.

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Foreword by Hrithik Roshan

This book shows you

The secret psychology of wealth
How to think like a millionaire
How to use the millionaires strategies of creating and maintaining wealth
How to boost the speed of your financial freedom
The 10 financial habits and behavioral traits of millionaires
The underlying cause of almost all financial problems and how you can correct them
How to attract abundance and financial success

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All those interested in financial self-improvement, cutting across different age-groups and professions, libraries, cultural and educational institutions, general-trade readers.

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November 1
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