The Sight of Heather The Sight of Heather

The Sight of Heather

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Description de l’éditeur

A captivating and suspenseful generational saga, The Sight of Heather is an enthralling debut. The first in a 5-book journey, following the trials and subversive means by which a line of first daughters strive to protect their customs and protect their lineage. If you have a fondness for Scotland and enjoy historical fiction with a touch of magical realism, this series is tailor-made for you!

The Sight of Heather sets the prelude to a captivating generational saga, and author Ally Stirling wholeheartedly invites you to come along on this remarkable literary journey. Where we can all experience the magic and wonder together!

What you can expect:

1800s Historical fiction

Scottish folklore

Family loyalty

Mother and daughter bonding

Fae culture

Strong female characters

Spiritual healing

Magical realism

Generational saga


For centuries, the fae folk and spae women of Scotland were feared – and persecuted.

Life in the 1800s countryside, with its unforgiving climate, was both magnificent and harsh – testing cultures, beliefs and the loyalties of crofters.

The first in this series, The Sight of Heather, begins a journey of allegiance, sacrifice, and fortitude in a land of bold, resilient women.

Jessie's ideal life spirals when she learns she is a first daughter in a biological line of 'spaes' endowed with unique gifts of spiritual sight and healing, aided by powerful ancestral stones.

Backed by a vindictive priest intent on charging Jessie with murder and witchcraft, the new owner of the Cruachan Manor plots to rout the spaes and destroy their beloved forest.

Despite grave warnings and family conflict, Jessie determinedly pursues her skills and powers, plunging her family and village into danger.

Resolute in uplifting her fellow women, Jessie consults her stones.

Faced with those who deem her evil, she must choose to relinquish her craft, or sacrifice herself to protect her culture and kin — and Lily, the next first daughte r— the future of the spaes.

Romans et littérature
15 septembre
Ally Stirling