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Her first love became her most dreaded enemy. . .

The youngest of three Cheney sisters, Miri is renowned for her mystical abilities and calming aura.  But her serenity has been shattered by the betrayal of the man she loved. As a girl, Miri was enchanted with young Simon Aristide.   But time and events altered the handsome, gentle boy she knew, transforming him into France's most notorious witch-hunter. When Aristide's accusations of sorcery forced her two older sisters into exile, Miri vowed never to forgive him.

Lonely and grieving, Miri takes refuge in her home on Faire Isle, a haven for the wise women known as the Daughters of the Earth. But the peace of her island is once more destroyed by the return of Simon Aristide.  Unbelievably, Simon has come seeking Miri's help to fight a mysterious woman known as the Silver Rose, a sorceress whose mastery of the black arts rival that of Catherine de Medici, the notorious Dark Queen.  Miri refuses, but when the Silver Rose's sinister magic threatens Faire Isle, Miri has no choice but to join Simon in his dangerous quest.

Despite her resolve, Miri still desires Simon, believing she sees traces of the man she once loved.  But can a Daughter of the Earth ever truly trust a witch-hunter?  Even as she risks her life to unmask the Silver Rose, Miri may be risking her heart as well.

A blend of fantasy, history and romance, The Silver Rose is the third installment in Susan Carroll's acclaimed Daughter of the Earth series. 

25 avril
Susan Carroll

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