The Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Your Focus, Recharge Your Life and Really Get Sh!t Done

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A smart, common-sense book that will help you improve your energy so that you can achieve goals faster and more efficiently.Get up, check phone, eat breakfast, drop off the kids, work, work, work, commute home, make dinner, feed the family, check email, put the kids to bed, binge-watch a show, check email again, drop into bed exhausted. Wake up. Repeat.Our days and weeks are filled to the brim with the busy stuff of life, which includes the constant bombardment of the twenty-four-hour news cycle and pervasive social media updates, notifications, and pings, pings, pings. That’s 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress, and it’s a serious doozy. We have goals for our careers and our lives, but with all the noise and constant demands, we get stalled out, stuck. We simply don’t have the energy to progress in the areas that are most important to us. And yet, we wonder, isn’t there a better way?Author, motivational speaker, and coach Michelle Cederberg’s response to that question is an unequivocal yes! In The Success-Energy Equation she shows you how, by using the wisdom of science and your innate common sense, you can combat 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress and tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of your life. She shows you how slowing down and listening to your body can help you work better, and how a focus on health and energy management will sustain your efforts in all you do.With the right tools and guidance, great things are possible for you. The Success-Energy Equation teaches you how you can boost your energy to:- Go from being stuck on autopilot to thriving with awareness- Set worthwhile goals that feed your sense of purpose- Work better, smarter, and with more focus- Improve your attitude, self-confidence, and self-efficacy- Create a life of greater clarity and fulfillment- And much more. Energy is a magic multiplier that will drive you toward higher levels of success in life. It’s also your not-so-secret weapon against 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress. Engage your success-energy, reach your goals, and live a life you truly want.

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27 octobre
Michelle Cederberg

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