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Previously published as The Power of Belief

Imagine being happy and content even in the most difficult times. An impossible dream? Not at all. But if your desire for happiness isn’t being reached by trying harder, having more, or knowing more the problem may lie hidden within the core of your deepest beliefs.

Our deepest beliefs impact every aspect of our lives: our performance at work, our issues with money, the state of our health, and how we conduct all our relationships.

In The Toltec Secret to Happiness Ray Dodd reveals how hidden beliefs create barriers to living a happy life, and how to break through self-limiting boundaries by changing those beliefs.

In 1996, after a chance meeting at the pyramid ruins in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Ray embarked on a six-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, MD, author of the widely beloved and best-selling book, The Four Agreements.

“Now, building on the Toltec Wisdom Path popularized by don Miguel, Carlos Castaneda, and many others, The Toltec Secret to Happiness offers four simple steps to transform any belief that stands in the way of your happiness.

Read it and discover:
• How to Identify and Change any Self-Limiting Belief
• The Key to Eliminating Regret, Worry, and Self-Doubt
• The Secret to Staying Balanced and Happy, Even When Things are Falling Apart
• The Most Effective Way to Achieve Lasting Change

Praise:“When you change what you believe, you change your story about yourself, and suddenly life becomes a beautiful dream. Ray Dodd will show you how.” –don Miguel Ruiz, MD, author of The Four Agreements
“A beautiful work of art and a fundamental instrument in your path of transformation.” —don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., author of The Five Levels of Attachment

Ray Dodd
is a leading authority on belief, helping both individuals and businesses forge new beliefs to affect lasting and positive change. A former professional musician and engineer with many years in corporate management, Dodd leads seminars applying ageless wisdom of the Toltec to life and business. 

don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., is a Nagual, or a Toltec Master of Transformation. He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, and is the son of don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., author of the Four Agreements. He is the author of The Five Levels of Attachment and lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children. 

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21 janvier
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