The Ultra Amazing Super Duper Incredible Dino Cyclepedia

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Description de l’éditeur

This book is a fun-filled journey into the world of dinosaurs and bikes hosted by the world’s most awesome BMX riding dinosaur, Belvon. He takes you on an exploration into multiple styles of bikes from BMX’s to Unicycles and each one is being ridden by one of his absolutely amazing prehistoric dinosaur friends!! What more could you even ask for? It’s semi-educational and filled with colorful and beautiful artwork for all ages to enjoy. All the dinosaurs on bikes were created and hand-drawn by the coolest lady on earth, Anna Castano. As for all the random funky other stuff and words, those come from the wild mind of James Glaschek. At the end of the book, there’s a fun page of mini-facts on each one of the dinosaurs from the journey to help your kids dig a little deeper into the stellar world of dinosaurs. There’s also a page that breaks down the components of a few bikes that’s sure to get your kiddos geared up to get riding. The goal of this book is to have fun, make your kids laugh by reading it in funny voices that bring each of these dinosaurs to life, and hopefully spark a little interest in your child’s mind. By the end of this read, your kids are sure to be so hyped up they’re going to have to get outside and start pedaling to get all their energy out!!

CAUTION: HYPE WARNING - do not read this book at bedtime!

About the Author

James was born in Denver Colorado in 1981 (sheesh that’s old) and is a loving father to his son Cru. His mother has been a longtime writer and has written several books. Her love of writing and reading has obviously been passed down. James currently resides in KCMO and uses a bike as his primary means of transportation. Since the day he could walk he’s has been on a bike of some sort and loves the freedom it brings and the mental happiness that comes from riding. Chances are if he’s not out riding you’ll find him sword fighting imaginary dragons or taking down bad guys in the old west with his son.

Anna was born in Denver Colorado. She comes from a very creative and artistic family. Having fun with art was how her family raised her. This is the first book she has illustrated, but not the first time her art has been on display. She works with many different types of mediums. One of her favorites is leather painting and tooling. While most of her work is done in a group craft night with friends she has a home studio (kitchen table) to finish the project. She is excited to continue a career in producing art.

4 janvier
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