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Avery’s a good guy - strong, tall, handsome, and he never cheats or does wrong by his woman. The only problem with him that his girlfriend Courtney has? Sure, he’s a great guy - but he’s awful in the sack. It’s compounded by his big cock, almost too big, that he’s convinced is the only thing he needs to be a satisfactory lover. Courtney knows that he needs a mind-broadening experience if Avery is going to be a keeper.

Fortunately, a birthday wish gone awry by Courtney has accidentally transformed her boyfriend into a girlfriend! Changed into a sexy little firecracker, Avery’s now stuck in a locker room with two studs - each of whom wonders how this half-naked beauty found her way among them, and why she seems so incredibly horny. Will Avery flee, or let new and unfamiliar instincts take over?

In the second chapter, after a thorough schooling in the ways of feminine pleasure - from the receiving end - Avery’s panicked return to Courtney only reveals another, even bigger surprise… the huge cock Avery’s own body once sported is now being ‘borrowed’ by Courtney! Trapped in a bedroom with a sexy, well-hung futanari eager to try out her new toy, Avery is about to get a thorough one-on-one education in how a cock pleasures a woman… one that’s sure to change his life forever.

The Very Strange Gender Change: Part One is the first installment of a three-part series, in approximately 15,000 words across two sizzling chapters. Our story follows Avery’s gender-swap transformation and subsequent experiences - sexual and otherwise - as a woman. Avery’s adventures will eventually lead to even more wild experiences; some futanari fun and menage encounters await our heroine in the future! This story is intended for adults only and is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Romans et littérature
21 juin
Johannes Lowe

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