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The Vision is the story of a group of private individuals who, while doing a remote viewing research project studying the nature of consciousness, come to believe their city, Washington, D.C., faces a catastrophic disaster in a few weeks that no one knows about, and that will change the world. Like all good citizens their first response is to go to the government. But when they are rebuffed they are faced with the question: What should we do? Should they run away and save themselves? Or, recognizing that hundreds of thousands of people may die, do they have an obligation to stay and do anything they can to stop the disaster from happening? This is the story of what they decided, and what they did. What would you do?

Stephan Schwartz has written a gripping new novel, The Vision that I enthusiastically recommend. It is a brilliant description of how present-day remote viewers can be harnessed to thwart terrorist efforts. I know because I was co-founder of just such a remote viewing intelligence program during the Cold War. The CIA supported it for two decades during the Cold War. Schwartz’s suspenseful novel describes in accurate detail how these things are done. I can hardly wait to see the film.
Physicist Russell Targ
Co-founder of the SRI Stargate Program
Author of: The Reality of ESP

I really liked Vision. I picked it up and finished it in a day, caught up in the action and richness of the plot. But Vision is much more than an ordinary thriller. Having been a consultant on the original remote viewing research, with enough security clearances to know the details of some of the operational remote viewing done for various US intelligence agencies, I was even more impressed. Schwartz was one of the pioneers in developing remote viewing, and in the form of an exciting novel he describes how this line of research developed, and how it can be used as well as, perhaps, connect us to Spirit more directly than the too often fossilized religions of today.

Charles Tart, PhD
Pioneer Parapsychological Researcher
Author of: The End of Materialism

What if counter-terrorism experts at the Pentagon discovered a plot to explode a nuclear bomb in the United States, but they had no idea when or where? And what if a team of remote viewers accidentally foresaw that disaster, but they didn't know what to do with that information? The Vision is a fast-paced thriller that follows this scenario to its shocking conclusion. The author is a founder of modern remote viewing techniques, and the story is a fictionalized account of true, formerly classified psychic espionage missions.

Dean Radin, PhD.
Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences
Author of: Real Magic

In “The Vision” Stephan Schwartz has created a suspenseful, well-crafted novel that explores the mysteries of human consciousness and poses vital issues that are imminent to address to ensure the survival of humanity. Stephan is a master teacher, who I will continue to learn from during my entire lifetime. Highly recommended!

Judith Orloff, MD
Author of: Second Sight

Policier et suspense
21 juillet
Stephan A. Schwartz

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