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This chapter examines World War II as it reached the shores of Great Britain in 1940. While the Nazis launched what is commonly known as the Blitz, the plucky Brits took to the sky to protect their homeland. Historian Richard Overy, author of the groundbreaking work Why the Allies Won, delves into the impact of the Battle of Britain on the home front, in the colonies, and throughout the rest of the world.


From an ongoing partnership between the United States Military Academy and Rowan Technology Solutions comes the latest installment in the West Point History of Warfare series—The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1 Enhanced Edition.

This volume tells the complex story of World War II chronologically, so readers may gain a holistic understanding of how the war developed globally and simultaneously. It begins in 1939 with the rise of the Axis powers and ends in mid-1942, after the United States entered the war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1 Enhanced Edition is an extensive collaboration among historians, cartographers, designers, and developers to tell the story of World War II. The result contains not only traditional text and images, but immersive widgets that transform the act of reading a book into an interactive experience. Readers can examine and explore World War II like never before, with multisensory interactives—including video, audio, hotspotted images, scrollable timelines, animated maps, data visualization, and 3D models—which supplement the USMA’s definitive analysis used to teach West Point cadets.

By engaging multiple senses and regularly alternating between them, this digital account of World War II is the most dynamic way to learn history. The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1 Enhanced Edition has been vetted by West Point faculty and cadets to guarantee a robust and comprehensive examination of World War II.

3 novembre
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