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A Short Story, fourth in a series. Delly’s wild vacation has given her the first experiences with women she’s had as well her first two threesomes, one with a man and his wife and one with two men. Now, she finds herself in an interesting situation when there are seven different people she can explore. Is she up for a little taste of everyone? "Well," The one called Trixie smiled, "We chose the names when we started working in this job. It's amazing how it turns people on to think of us like we're all part of the same person, almost like they're doing…um, triplets." "You just make sure I don't have to work too hard to get things going when we get to the room, okay." Trixie smiled at her and licked her lips, sending an electric thrill through Delwyn. "You've got nothing to worry about." A second later, the men and Celia were back and were ecstatic. Two of the buyers had placed large orders, and the third promised one by fax as soon as he returned to his office. They were beaming, and Delwyn was proud of herself. "Well, then, it's time for you to live up to your side of the deal and come have drinks with me." Walter nodded and left to give last minute instructions to the vineyard staff. Delwyn ushered everyone else out to the limo. She was just stepping in herself when Walter arrived. The blondes were already cozying up to the men, stroking their thighs and giggling like schoolgirls. It wasn't too obvious. Delwyn was worried everyone might think they were just ditzy. Trixie leaned over and whispered, "It'll happen. I promise." She was true to her word. They got to the hotel and all took the elevator up. When they got to the room, the blondes didn't waste any time. Delwyn was amazed at how quickly and without warning they simply stripped. She had just sat down on the couch next to Walter and Trixie, Dixie, and Nixie were already naked at the bed. They laughed at Arthur's shocked expression. Trixie pulled his shirt off and the girls pushed him onto the bed. They stroked his chest, and before he could protest, Trixie sat on his face while the other two pulled down his jeans. She watched their hands work. They never stopped moving. Dixie had his pants at his ankles and Nixie was already reaching into his underwear. Delwyn looked at Celia. She was staring in shock with her mouth open. Beside her, Rudy stood with mouth agape as well. She looked to her left, and on the couch next to her Walter was equally taken aback. She looked down at his crotch and noticed with satisfaction that he was also quite aroused. She reached forward and stroked at him through the khakis. He turned his face toward her, still shocked, and she smiled at him. She looked back to the bed. Trixie was bent over now, Arthur's hands on her ass, her mouth on his cock. The other two girls moved their mouths as well, licking at his balls and catching turns to take his head in before Trixie pushed them away to suck more. Nixie looked up and saw Delwyn smiling at her and stroking, and she left the others alone to crawl over to the couch. She lifted Delwyn's hand off Walter's crotch and unzipped his pants. Delwyn leaned over and kissed his neck and then watched the blonde take out his dick and put her mouth on it. She put her hand on the girl's head as she moved up and down. Delwyn looked over at Celia and Rudy. They still stood in shock. She got up and walked over to them. She quickly unzipped Rudy's pants and pulled out his cock. He was enormous. She smiled and reached for Celia's hand, guiding it to him. Celia was hesitant, but she began to stroke softly.

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15 février

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