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Delight yourself in this curious volume where you will find five distinctly original stories.

"The Institute"
An unnamed narrator desperately seeks a way out, questioning his circumstances and the unbelievably complacent populace around him. Rumors of "adults" and the "outside" spur him on, while the mysterious "ice corridor" beckons his arrival.

"The Majestical Mystery Cure"
A young man by the name of Rudolph attempts to cure hair loss and ends up creating a cure for anything. The results of his discovery are quite comical and rather unexpected. He and his friend Hamilton set out to secure the love of his life and also save all those in need. Good pie is sure to be included!

"Clouds in the Night"
In this chilling tale, Tillman is a young hitchhiker pursued by a mysterious, menacing force. Constantly on the run, he may have finally met his match when he is picked up by a party who lead him up a dangerous mountain. He isn't sure who he fears more: his new companions or his mysterious pursuer. Are they working together? What do they want? And why do the faces in the night sky seem to be getting closer than ever?

"Toy Stand"
Normally, kids sell lemonade at neighborhood lemonade stands. And normally, adults sell toys in toy shops. But not in this story. Meet Martin, a good-spirited young lad who encounters a strange man selling toys at a neighborhood 'Toy Stand'. They don't come cheap, but boy are they worth it. Like Martin, Camille also discovers the wonders of this peculiar operation. But beware Martin's rival Zeek. He is out to steal what's not his, and sabotage the marvels of these spectacular creations!

"The Wispy Woodsy Willows"
Wilbur Wilhite and Wendy Wilson have always wondered why the forest is off-limits for children. There is a clearly marked sign to keep them out. But this warning won't deter them for long. They must find out once and for all what all the fuss is about. They decide to team up. They will leave at midnight... (Written in the style of a poem.)

Also includes two short poems, "Ode to the Void" and "Bitten". From master storyteller Elias Rafferton, be assured you haven't read anything like it!

SF et fantasy
16 août
Elias Rafferton

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