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Theft by Deception and Adoption, Fosterage & Homestead (the first two volumes of The Hershey Family Trust Series) are the first of their kind. For seven decades following the death of Milton S. Hershey there has been growing concern regarding whether the fiduciaries of the “Milton Hershey School and School Trust” are exploiting the Hershey Family Trust for personal gain.  There have been investigations, but such investigations are by the same individuals or organizations that stand to benefit from allowing the fiduciaries to continue the status quo.    

There is also concern that the beneficiaries are not receiving the originally intended benefits so as to facilitate continued exploitation of the Hershey Family Trust.  Here, the question is not whether the cost per child is sufficiently high.  It is easy to spend the wealth of the family in ways that benefit the fiduciaries, their lawyers, Pennsylvania politicians, and other cronies.  

Theft by Deception provides the details regarding what was stolen, the deceptions used, the various participants in the theft by deception, and why all modifications of the Indenture after Milton Hershey’s death are void ab initio (and therefore not enforceable).  At the end of Theft by Deception some possible means of ending the continuing theft by deception are listed. Theft by Deception also reveals that any potential solution must consider the reality of the current situation.  Here are some key current facts:

1. The current Board of Directors of the Hershey Trust Company, the current Parents/Managers and all fiduciaries of the subsidiary Hershey Family Foundation and Hershey Family 1945 Residual Derry Township School District Trust have been participants in the theft by deception (whether knowing or unknowing).
2. Pennsylvania officials are likewise participants in the theft by deception (whether knowing or unknowing).  The Commonwealth will suffer extraordinary financial implications associated with paying back more than $386,000,000 unconstitutionally removed from the Hersheys’ Family & Estate as well as the billions of dollars of damages suffered by the true Beneficiaries of the Hersheys’ Family & Estate.  Consequently, Pennsylvania officials are not going to take the remedial actions mandated by law, including the U.S. Constitution.  
3. The lawyers of the Hershey Family Trust Fiduciaries have actively participated and continue to participate in the theft by deception (whether knowing or unknowing).   
4. Children in numerous States (including Pennsylvania) are not receiving the benefits to which they are entitled.  Such denial of benefits continues. 
5. Numerous Beneficiaries have been denied a range of benefits to which they are entitled over more than seven decades.  Such denial of benefits continues.

It would be pointless to contemplate any reformation which included the Hershey Family Trust Fiduciaries, their lawyers or Pennsylvania officials or politicians.  They have been part of the seven decades of theft by deception (whether knowing or unknowing).  

Theft by Deception lists possible solutions, beginning with the Attorney General of the United States and such Attorney General’s obligation to enforce the Constitution of the United States.  Theft by Deception also calls upon the State Attorneys General to protect their children. 

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