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After a lifetime roughing it in the bayou, Lisette is finally living her dream in New Orleans. But when a terrible accident befalls her during Mardi Gras, she finds herself whisked into a dark world of twisted sexual fantasies and unthinkable ugliness. Who is her mysterious captor, and how much of his sadistic erotic experimentation can she take?

Their Virgin Surrender is a thrilling erotic romance full of explicit scenes of sexual depravity, rough sex and BDSM. Join Lisette in this world of sex-crazed shifters, and strong, commanding, dominant male lovers in Part 1 of the Doms of Submission Series.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

She was shaken from the accident still, and the last image she had in her memory was that of the homeless man. Maybe this was really his home. Maybe he wasn’t homeless, just some eccentric like one finds in New Orleans who did things like this for his amusement. Now that would really piss her off.
She hadn’t had time to really think all of it through when the door opened once again and she heard someone approaching her.

“Who’s there?” She whispered.

No one answered her but she could hear raspy breathing that seemed to be getting closer to her. “Who are you?” She said louder. “Answer me!”

Still nothing in the way of an answer.

“Okay whatever your sick game is, I’ll play,” she said angrily.

Andrew approached Lisette with caution. This was the first time he had ever had a woman in his lair that wasn’t there under the influence of some street drug, or a prostitute who was willing to do anything for money. This woman was beautiful beyond anything he had ever seen. Her body had muscular tone and curves. Her breasts were full and round, with light pink areolae in beautiful contrast to her bronze skin, and taut nipples standing out a quarter inch.

She may have felt like a captive, but her body was telling him that she was excited to be there. He wanted to speak to her, but he couldn’t. He moved even closer and approached her from behind.

Lisette could feel the presence of someone just inches from her and while she was angry that he wouldn’t speak to her, she felt her body succumb to the arousal she felt from the entire experience. Just as she was about to speak she felt the huge hands of her captor cup her breasts. He was behind her! He had reached around her from behind and taken both of her breasts in his calloused hands.

Lisette winced and arched backwards at his touch. Her skin became blanketed with goose bumps and her pussy became so wet that was it seeped out onto the cot where she sat. She felt the hands touch her skin and realized that they were incredibly large and felt like they had hard calluses covering them from fingers to wrists. Nothing like she had felt before.

He slid the hands down her torso and across her abdomen and, as he did, she felt his skin brush hers. It felt hard and lumpy, cold instead of warm. This evoked a startled yelp from her and she struggled to move away from him. He grasped her tightly, keeping her in place.

“Let me go,” she squealed. “What are you? Who are you? What is your sick game?”

Andrew felt anger fill his soul. He wasn’t angry at this girl, he was angry because for just a moment he had imagined himself as an ordinary man with this beautiful woman. He imagined that she wanted him. Then lust took over, and he pushed her to the cot. He grabbed a flogger from a hook on the wall and lashed her with it. She momentarily forgot the feel of his skin and arched upward toward the leather tentacles.

He thrashed it across her skin again, a little harder. She arched to meet it. He could feel the erection between his legs growing harder. He moved to the end of the cot and with his huge hands he pushed her legs wide apart. He could see the glistening flesh of her pussy and the moisture on her pubic hair. The sight drove him into a frenzy.

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4 mars
Bree Bellucci

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