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Worst. Christmas. EVER >.<

The roller derby season is over and it's time for Christmas. As usual, Hayley is determined to have the perfect Christmas lunch for her dysfunctional yet lovable family and her new boyfriend. She also has a new tree, and while unable to afford her usual southern hemisphere-specific decorations, has made her own.

Hilarity ensues as Hayley tries to put last year's disaster behind her, but as usual her family work against her in their not-so-subtle ways. Whatever could have gone wrong last year but didn't, does this year!

Ho ho ho Merry Skid Marks Christmas!

"I'm not looking forward to spending time with my mother. I haven't even talked to her since Dad kicked her out of the hospital for what she did to me. How could she be so selfish? I'm just glad that my dad and Grandma will be there to act as blockers—huh, that's a roller derby pun, get it? Oh and my new boyfriend will be there too. He's so hot... I've been sure to drop heaps of subtle—and not to subtle—hints that pancakes for brekkie are a Christmas tradition. I don't care what you think, they are so too!"
— Hayley

Approximately: 6,500 words.

Warning: This story is set in New Zealand and is therefore written in New Zealand English.

This short Christmas fiction is set after the events of Four Skid Marks from the wildly popular Skid Marksseries. A romantic roller derby comedy that revolves around Hayley (the BBW heroine) who joins the local derby team in the fictional town of Selby, New Zealand.

Please note: there is no roller derby in this book and very little romance, as it is a short Christmas disaster story.

22 juin
Plutoid Press

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