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The first three books in the Shamus Award-winning RAFFERTY: P.I series, from author W. Glenn Duncan



In the middle of a burger-store holdup, the only thing standing between ten-year-old Vivian Mollison and certain death is a police officer named Rafferty.

She lives. 

He gets fired.

For the fifteen years since, Rafferty's hustled the streets of Dallas as a private investigator. 

Sometimes it's good work. 

Most times, not so much.

So, when he gets a call from Vivian's now-wealthy parents, Rafferty's thinking dollar signs.

But will he do what it takes for a long-awaited payday?


When Rafferty meets Cindy in a bar, he's just killing time.

Next morning he's in jail for killing her.

Hallston's a nice little place, with good folk. They don't want this kind of big-city mess washing up on their shoreline.

And Rafferty is the stranger in town with no alibi for the dark hours when Cindy was brutally murdered. 

So what else was the local Sheriff supposed to do?

For Rafferty to get out from underneath this, he'll have to answer the one question about Cindy that no-one is certain of.

Who was the last to see her alive?


The case is clear enough. It's the woman Rafferty's not sure about.

Sandra Dawes. Nickname: Cricket. A do-gooder.

She had undeniable proof of the local nuclear facility's dangerous leaks and missing radioactive material.

She planned to deliver the incriminating documents to a newspaper reporter, and see the company shut down for good.

But by the time Rafferty gets involved, Sandra Dawes is already dead. 

Who killed her? And where are the files now?

To get to the truth, Rafferty will have to start at the beginning.

What happened to poor dead Cricket?


Praise for Rafferty P.I.

"If you like Parker's Spenser, or Robert Crais' Elvis Cole you should love the Rafferty series." - Mark A. Johnson.

"Rafferty is the best hardboiled PI of this era." - Wendy Green.

"Any fan of Micky Spillane, the Jack Reacher novels, or Mark Yost's Rick Crane novels should absolutely venture into the world of Rafferty P.I." - Michael Raabe.

"Duncan truly captured the pure essence of the definitive smart-ass private eye in his character Rafferty. Take part Sam Spade with a little Mike Hammer, mix in some Spenser and you have an awesome character." - Cliff Fausset.

"This author goes on my list of great private eye writers along with Kinky Friedman, Elmore Leonard, and Lawrence Sanders." - Tricia Schiro.

Policier et suspense
26 décembre
D squared publishing

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