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One of Canada’s top scientists has discovered the secret to time travel. But something has gone horribly wrong . . . again.
When thirteen-year-old Matt Barnes finds out his time-travelling father is trapped in occupied Holland during World War II, there’s only one thing he can do. Even though he’s been forbidden to use the multiverse time machine, he drags his best friend, Sarah, along with him on another leap back in time. When they land in the war-torn country, they’re immediately caught up in a world of high intrigue and dangerous covert operations. They encounter courageous pilots, determined spies, gallant members of the Dutch resistance, and ordinary heroes. Matt and Sarah receive the surprise of their lives when they meet the legendary Anne Frank.

But . . . with what they know of the future, the time travellers will be tempted to meddle again. Can they prevent a blunder by the SOE—Churchill’s spy organization—that will cost so many lives? And is it worth it, when interfering will force Matt to choose between the two most important things in his life?

Meddling = Courage + Sacrifice.

"...this is an enthralling story that will have middle grade readers turning the page to find out what risky situations Matt and Sarah will place themselves in next. Information about the English spy network and the Dutch resistance add historical context to the story, and readers are even introduced to the famed diarist, Anne Frank."

-Diana Mumford, Canadian Teacher Magazine


"In this sequel to Time Meddlers, the first of Deborah Jackson's time-travel series, Matt and Sarah discover that Nathan Barnes, Matt's father, is mixed-up with the spy network of war-torn Amsterdam.

Their travels from England to Holland are dangerous, full of not-so-glamorous pit stops, fights and split-second decision-making. Readers begin to see a change in the two main characters' relationship, a change which is subtle and with an appropriate amount of embarrassment and charm."

-Stephanie Dror, CM Magazine
"This is a great time travel thriller with a super surprising final twist. Deborah Jackson interweaves the Dutch resistance to the German occupation, especially hiding Jews like Anne Frank and her family and other targeted people from the Nazis, as a key element in the strong plot. Middle school readers ... will enjoy this fine sequel to the Time Meddlers as courage is an equal opportunity trait that ignores religion, ethnic origin, age and gender."

-Harriet Klausner, Amazon/Genre Go Round Reviews

SF et fantasy
11 septembre
Deborah Jackson

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