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This is an authoritative compilation of expert opinions on spaceflight and spacepower, providing a broad, interesting, and up-to-date overview of all aspects of the subject: military theory, the work of Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, international relations theory, commercial space history, smallsat, launch services, space tourism, civil space authority, Mars, the Moon, space and the environment, national security, space and warfare, arms control, Russian space programs, ASAT anti-satellite systems, Chinese space programs, Indian space programs, South America, Middle East, Africa, space law, and organizing the Presidency for spacepower.

Old Thoughts, New Problems: Mahan and the Consideration of Spacepower * On the Nature of Military Theory * International Relations Theory and Spacepower * Commercial Space and Spacepower * The Commercial Space Industry: A Critical Spacepower Consideration * Importance of Ground Equipment for National Security * The Next Space Age: A Commercial Space Paradigm * Future Projections and Implications for Spacepower * Merchant and Guardian Challenges in the Exercise of Spacepower * What is Spacepower? * Two Cultures: Merchants and Guardians * Space Exploration and Spacepower * Economic Development of the Solar System: The Heart of a 21st-century Spacepower Theory * Wealth, Resources, and National Security and Spacepower Theory * The Resources of the Solar System * The Moon and Cislunar Space * The Resources of the Near Earth Asteroids * Mars * Energy * Lunar Power * Fusion * The Long-term Outlook for Commercial Space * History of Civil Space Activity and Spacepower * The Military and the Quest for a Human Mission in Space * Victory from Mars * The Moon: Point of Entry to Cislunar Space * Spaceflight: The Current Template * Spacepower and the Environment * Neither Mahan nor Mitchell: National Security Space and Spacepower, 1945-2000 * Spacepower and the Challenge of Strategic Theory * Exploiting the Cyberspace Arena * Spacepower and Warfare * War Extended to Space * U.S. Military Spacepower: Conceptual Underpinnings and Practices * Creating the Myth of Space Sanctuary * Balancing U.S. Security Interests in Space * International Perspectives: Russia * Manned Program and Vehicles * Russian Perspectives on Spacepower * Spacepower in China * The European "Spacepower"? A Multifaceted Concept * Emerging Domestic Structures: Organizing the Presidency for Spacepower * Space Law and the Advancement of Spacepower * Affordable and Responsive Space Systems

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24 janvier
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