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When you buy a car, a microwave oven, or even an egg beater, - you get an instruction manual with it.

But you get married, and what sort of Manual do you get? Some well meaning advice from your uncle Jim, who himself is not what you would say - happily married.

And there you go. To live happily ever after.

No wonder more than half of all marriages end up in divorce these days.

Welcome to your life, and into your marriage with Joe Hawks advice.

An adventurer, construction manager, thinker, engineer, writer, management consultant, more than once married, father of two. 

Most important of all, Joe is happily married, and has been for many years. Joe and his wife are the best of friends. Yes, they do have a scuffle now and then. But they know how to give and take, how to take themselves with a pinch of salt, how to laugh together, love each other and be – well – HAPPY!

When Joe Hawk took up the challenge of writing a Happy Marriage Manual, he knew from bitter experience, that you need a different one for Husbands, and a different one for Wives.

That’s why there is  “Train Your wife” and “Train Your Husband”.

At times funny, full of little stories, many of them from Joe’s own incredible life experiences. But there is an enormous amount of research behind these books, because that’s the way Joe works.

Yet, because he is not a psychologist or marriage counsellor, Joe Hawks writing is practical, no nonsense and to the point. Sometimes, brutally so. Can you take it?

Yes, he gives you a very revealing mirror, into which you will be forced to look and see yourself the way your husband or your wife sees you. Then comes the down-to earth practical advice of how to put your marriage (and your love life) on the right track.

You will laugh a lot while reading Train Your Husband or Train Your Wife. Some of that laughter might be a bit close for your comfort. 

Well – that’s the way Joe Hawk, a straight shooter, always writes.   

In the end you will wish you were given this book (or both of them) as a wedding present.

This is not a whole lot of rehashed information, its new, its fresh and it contains real solutions. So if your marriage is in trouble, or even if its not and you want to keep it that way, get Joe’s book today!

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25 août

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