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Take a leisurely trip over the Alps!

This book describes (Aku-Petteri Korhonen's) experiences on two longer hut-to-hut treks in the Alps. The first trip is in the Italian Dolomites, in the rugged landscapes of the Alta Via 2 trail. The trek is over 150 kilometres long with an over 8000-metre difference in elevation. Before embarking on said route, the writer walks in the landscapes of the famous Cortina d'Ampezzo and Tre Cime. The second part of the book describes an even longer trek on the so-called Dream Way route that runs from Munich to Venice over the German, Austrian and Italian Alps. So you will get a glimpse of plenty of different sights and experiences.

These travelogues give you a good taste of what hut-to-hut treks are in practise. What adds colour to the stories is that the writer and his teenage son are making these treks together.

Aku-Petteri shares his personal experience and bits of sound advice for planning and carrying out a trek. He also gives you tips on how to handle the, sometimes surprising, situations you are likely to face during the trip and what you need to consider when trekking with a child. His experiences and mishaps are sure to help you with planning your own mountain treks. Both trips end in Venice exploring the sights and beaches of this incredible city.

All this together makes for an interesting trekking, sightseeing and beach holiday, all in the same package.

Have a nice trip!

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30 mars
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