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New York advertising hotshots Dina Weston and Chase Cunningham have had a thing for each other since they met, but they are always at each other’s throats. Yet again in competition, they find themselves in the Middle East vying for a sheik’s ten-million-dollar account. When they share a water taxi to go to the sheikh’s private island, they’re hijacked, robbed, then dumped in the Persian Gulf. After barely making it to a deserted island, they must work together to stay alive.

Alone on the private island, they set aside their competitive tendencies and give in to the powerful attraction drawing them together. But their bliss is short lived when they find out there are sinister forces at work threatening to tear them apart.

Shy bookworm Tori Weston agrees to take her very pregnant sister’s place and speak at a hedonist conference at a Caribbean resort. Since no one knows what sex-advice columnist “Dear Aimee” looks like, she prays she can pull off the ruse.

Private Investigator Guy Pritchard is on Pleasure Cove Island to find drug kingpin Harry Turiano. What he hadn’t counted on is the hot blonde advice columnist at the villa next door to Harry’s, who proves to be way too much of a distraction.

Tori decides to use the break from her ordinary life to succumb to Guy’s advances. But after a taste of their sizzling-hot chemistry, she’s not sure if she’ll be able to return to ordinary and leave the sexy hunk behind.

After growing up without a father, wannabe-bride Willow Weston will do anything to secure a husband, even chase down the man who ran away the night before their wedding. But in order to find him, she must turn to the guy who makes her knees weak—uber-sexy best man Marco DeLuca.

Marco has kept his attraction to his cousin’s woman under wraps. When the wedding implodes, he helps Willow track down Paul in Aruba to get some closure. But once on the island, neither of them can deny their strong attraction, and they spend the night engaged in the hottest sex Willow has ever had.

Willow worries that maybe she’s moving too quickly, but after experiencing the best sex of her life, she discovers what she’s been living without during her obsessive search for a husband. And realizes Marco is the very best man to give it to her…

17 avril
Wynter Daniels

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