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Everyone was tensed up and unnerved when the Black Maria, the maximum-security van conveying Mrs. Maria to the court arrived. Maria in a Black Maria or rather white Maria in a Black Maria. Heavily armed police men led the escort. When the case came up later five senior advocates stood up for the accused and one for the State. No mention was made of the unknown attorney. The prosecution prayed the court to convict the accused on self-confession but Mrs. Maria's lead attorney pleaded otherwise.
"Your honor, you cannot terminate someone's life based on a mere rumor or hearsay. We don't even have a witness, not even a ghost witness, the unknown lawyer..."
The judge looked astounded and asked for a visible witness....
"I will strike out this case because you have no case. No witness, no case..." while fixating his gaze at the State counsel. As this conversation between the judge and the State attorney, went on there was an uproar in the court. It was a mild drama between the security men trying to restrain a damsel, clad in academic gown from interrupting the court process. The judge struck his gavel to quell the noise and arrest the situation. "Who are you to disturb my court? I will charge you for contempt young girl," as he looked at the kid as ignorant.
"Your honor she has a case to answer," as the young girl pointed to Mrs. Maria.
The judge Mr. Lukman who was known for his sternness for once laughed out hilariously, "and who are you to decide that?"
"Your honor, I am the unknown lawyer or the soon to become a lawyer..."
Everyone laughed at the drama including the Judge who banged his gavel again. "The unknown lawyer in mere academic gown and not in attorney's attire?"
"You honor, the young shall grow... I wore this because I will graduate to this," pointing at an attorney's attire. "Your honor what you want is the evidence. This case is the people versus Maria and not the State versus Maria. I am ready to nail that vile woman there," as she pointed to Mrs. Maria again.
The lead counsel to Mrs. Maria interjected, "your honor this is an abuse of the court process..."
The judge warned him for interference of which he apologised.
"What is your name?"
"Your honor, I am Miss Adaku Ome and am twelve years old. I saw it all and heard it all..."
The judged turned to the State counsel, " now you have your witness..."
"Troubled Child and the Vampire War (Dragons Angels Children Series Book 5)" is a follow up to books 1-4. This book showed any child or adult can still win no matter the kind of obstacles on your way. A troubled child born with different drawbacks or sickness can still overcome and become somebody. Adaku, Beethoven, Mozart were all born as troubled children but overcame their problems and became world stars. This book is mother's delight for kids. If you give your children chocolate, it will melt. Buy them toys, they will overgrow it. But buy them "Dragons Angels Children Series books 5" you'll give them a life long legacy.

Romans et littérature
25 avril
Ikechukwu Joseph

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